Maritime Authority of Curaçao

Our services

We assist Curaçao vessel owners for them to comply with local and international maritime regulations and supervise the international status of the fleet and the register.

We oversee maritime operations taking place in the territorial waters of Curaçao, to ensure these operations also comply with local and international regulations.

We supervise ship traffic and visiting vessels to our ports, in an effort to promote the safety of maritime traffic in our waters and our ports. Visiting vessels need to comply fully with local and international regulations.

The nationality of sea-going vessels is regulated by the Kingdom Charter, which simply states in art. 3 that there is one nationality for all seagoing vessels registered in the Kingdom.

This Maritime Ordinance imposes a reporting duty on all vessels entering or passing through the territorial waters of Curaçao.
Also a permit must be requested for any constructions of objects, scientific research, pipelines and cable laying or any other potential harmful operations in our territorial waters .