Maritime Authority of Curaçao

Our role in the Community

Maritime Authority of Curaçao (MAC) is accountable for the supervision of the implementation of the maritime regulations. Prevention of maritime pollution and maritime incidents is the goal of MAC and the contribution to the community

Maritime Authority of Curaçao (MAC) mainly focuses on safety of the ship and its crew. The good condition of a ship and the expertise of crewmembers will lead to prevention of serious accidents in the maritime world.

Complying with safety regulations, as proven by inspections of the vessels by Maritime Authority of Curaçao (MAC), is the effect of supervision

About M.A.C.

As the highest maritime authority of Curaçao, MAC oversees the Curaçao ship register’s compliance with international and national regulations and implement regulations and instructions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

MAC oversees maritime activities in the territorial waters of Curaçao and promotes the development of the Curaçao Ship’s Register and the maritime industry in Curaçao. MAC supports industry partners committed to the goals of maritime safety and care for our environment.

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